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The Association of US Military Veterans was founded in August 2008 as a LinkedIn group to assist Veterans going through re-deployment at Intel Corp network, get resume writing assistance and provide general employment "Best Known Method's" by Eric Wangerin.

 In 2010 we became a 501C3 organization thanks to assistance from an Intel Manager and friend Mr. Michael Mall; since that time we have grown into a volunteer, networking group assisting veterans in Oregon (under Mr. Ernest Petefish) and in Florida (under Mr. Dallas Dunn and myself), partnering with the City of Jacksonville's Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) & their Jobs for Vets program in 2012 to help disadvantaged veterans find gainful employment being recognized by then Mayor Brown and the City for our work. 


In 2011 we started working and with the City of Jacksonville's Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) & their Jobs for Vets program as well has volunteering at  the Professional Golf Association's (PGA) Military Job Fair event at "The Players Tournament" and assisting for several years at the Jacksonville Mayor's Veterans Job Fairs.

in 2013 the AoUSMV was recognized by the JMVC and Mayor Brown of Jacksonville, FL  for our work in helping veterans find jobs and supporting the "Jobs for Vets" program.

In 2014 we partnered with the 5 Star Veterans center and Intel Corp (thank you Intel!), to provide 25 computers and set up a "Veterans Resource Center", providing classes to veterans on "How to write a Resume", "How to Network", "Interviewing Skills and Mock Interviews" while also providing MS Office Suite classes to veterans and their families.

From 2016 thru 2019 we stepped back to re-brand and look at what we could do to help veterans in the Jacksonville area. 


In 2020 we are looking at our long term goal of opening a Veterans’ only shelter for homeless and dis-advantaged veterans in Jacksonville, FL and see how we can assist in other areas as we pursue or goal for Jacksonville.

You might be surprised to know this about homelessness in Jacksonville: 

■ According to a recent survey by the Homeless Coalition of Northeast Florida, there are 400 chronically homeless individuals in downtown Jacksonville alone.  

■ 25 percent of the local homeless population is not from Jacksonville. They ended up here because they were following a job, hoping to get a job or other circumstances.  

■ Veterans account for approximately 25 percent of our homeless population. Many are struggling with PTSD and are shelter averse. That means they won’t live among a large population in a shelter with noise, chaos and crowds. 


■ The cost to arrest and jail a homeless person includes $884 for booking and $62 per day to house them.  

■ The average cost of a single chronically homeless person is $50,000 per year. That includes jail time, emergency room visits, social services and other costs.  So, PLEASE help us help them!

(the above data from: )

We look forward to helping our Brothers and Sisters in Arms (and their families) in finding shelter, gainful employment and enhance their employment through networking with our partners!